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    I'm a lone wolf howling and tearing my hair out. Well...not literally, got more "sophisticated" methods than that.

    It's astonishing what dickheads the 'rents can be, they can't even remember my name half the time. What's up with that? We live in the same house, come on. How can they forget about me? Don't they care at all? Never mind, rhetorical question.

    My head is quite fucked up at the moment. I've come to the realization that people just don't care. They don't. I hate going it alone.

    I'm actually sick because of it all. Nausea, headaches, of course the appetites screwed, that's totally gone. Can't sleep, can't get warm. Can't get any of the fucking work done that I need to. Tried to get help, that's not happening.

    Phoey. Fighting alone. Fighting myself is the worst though. Just want to die already.
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