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arrrrrghhhh i hate my 'mates'

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im ssooooo angry :mad: one of them was saying to my other mate that ' im sick of chloe (me) she acts like a prat and laughs for no reason' arrrrghhhh for gods sake would they rather i act like a serious dopehead then?? this kinda stuff makes me wanna cut :mad: i wish i had real nice mates at school but all of mine are fake, theyre so nice to me and we get on really well then they hate me , i feel like chuking a glass brick in their heads :laugh: i dont get why people hate me to death when i havent even done anything nasty :sad: its soooo bloody frustrating, fake arses.
why do people act nice and funny and be my mate if they hate me really ?????????????? why ???? its soooo argggggggh
:mad: :mad: :blub:
seems like everyone hates me :badday: :bash: :bash:


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you're young hun and so are they. Try not to take too much of it to heart, as you all get older you'll either stay friends for ever or never speak again. It's the way it goes I'm afraid.

just dont care

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yeah young people will say stuff all the time that they dont mean they wont be saying that sort of thing for long. my sister is in high school right now and she is best friends with someone one day and enemies the next but what i have noticed is that eventually they will be friends again.


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I was trying to look at your situation as since you were able to make friends you can make different ones in the future. I hope you can find someone that will treat you better. Maybe you can try to make friends with someone that seems nicer. Sorry, but I don't have that much experience in making friends or else I would give you better advice.

I don't hate you. :smile:
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