As I contemplate on the miseries of being alive..

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    As I contemplate on the miseries of being alive..

    Drifting alone in desolate lands,
    listening to the surging beats,
    of an old and wounded heart,
    trying to numb these demons,
    dying to ignore the sullenness,
    of the sounds, rhymes, songs,
    just wanting to pass through,
    these motions and gloominess,
    of another cold and dreary day

    Is there someone I’m looking for?
    Or just something I can hope for?
    Could there be miracles ahead?
    Maybe something awaiting for me,
    with open arms in the holy light?
    I can see the crowd in a distance,
    but why, why do I feel the silence?
    Could it be just another nightmare?
    Could it be some kind of, delusion?

    Just tell me everything is unreal?
    All that we feel is but surrealism?
    Maybe I’ll wake to a blissful morn,
    soon enough, I am a child again?
    Maybe, just maybe you’ll tell me,
    I was only dreaming, and its over,
    and everything is fine, just fine,
    as we walk by the colors of rainbow,
    that blaze upon a baby blue sky?

    Won’t you at least lie, one last time,
    before this pain burns all of my love,
    that I am barely holding on to?