As if the holiday season could not get any worse...

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    I have always hated the isolation and bad memories this time of year brings back, this year though it's being made worse because I'm sick, I've had this stupid (bad) cold over the entire Christmas period, I'm getting like an hours sleep before I start waking up feeling like I'm choking on my own throat and I was nearly sick when I woke up this morning. My whole face feels like someone's thrown pepper at me, I've just finished almost a whole hour of non stop sneezing and coughing, which has completly drained the small amount of energy that I did have now every time I cough or sneeze my entire body hurts, I hardly have the energy to cough anymore. I had to tell my poor boyfriend that I would not be sleeping next to him tonight because I did not want him to suffer with me, I'm completly exhausted and very low, this is bound to bring about another of my infamous "depressions".

    Sorry for the rant of self pity.
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    awww im so sorry!
    You are still lucky you have your boyfriend! You have someone special who loves you for who you are! Things arent THAT bad.

    Hum.. yeah but the sickness seems really bad! I know it can get to people, especially on holidays.
    Im sure you'll get over it though! Show the virus you got the guts to beat its silly butt! :tongue:
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    You are entiltied to a large dose of self-pity when you have cold/flu/step/etc.
    Take care!! Hope you are better soon.