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as is

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by UnderlyingSymphony, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. As Is

    you can't hide
    behind social graces
    so don't try
    to be all touchy feely
    cuz you lie
    in my face of all places
    but i got no
    problem with that really

    what bugs me
    is that you believe what you're saying
    what bothers me
    is that you don't know how you feel
    what scares me
    is that while you're telling me stories
    you actually
    believe they are real

    i got no illusions about you
    guess what?
    i never did
    when i say
    when i say i'll take it
    i mean
    i always mean as is
    just give up
    and admit you're an asshole
    you would be
    in some good company
    and i think you'd find
    that your friends would forgive you
    or maybe i
    am just speaking for me

    cuz when i look around
    i think this
    this is good enough
    and i try to laugh
    at whatever life brings
    cuz when i look down
    i just miss all the good stuff
    and when i look up
    i just trip over things

    i've got no illusions about you
    guess what?
    i never did
    when i say
    when i say i'll take it
    i mean
    i always mean as is
  2. danni

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  3. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    :hug: Here if ya need me.
  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this post. I've been going through some things, some horrible things that no one wanted to take teh time to hear here. It's sad isn't it, that I came here to get off what happened to me and instead I get chastised. But whatever, that's not why I posted this poem.

    For those that know who this poem is by it's by AniDefranco. To make it short and sweet it's directly aimed at certain people that i thought..thought being the operative word there...thought were my friends. It's sad that they decided to be fake. It's sad that they decided to lie and in turn start believing those lies. To the people that this poem is aimed at, I hope you are happy with what you have accomplished b/c now I can't even obtain what I needed. Thanks for making me feel so unwelcome here. I appreciate it. I hope you in turn pay dearly for your sins.
  5. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    How sad hun. Wish I could ease your pain and deception, but i simply cant.
    I wish you'd stay and talk to us some more, I haven't met you yet feel that you have a kind and sensitive soul and in that i recognize something familiar. Human beings are bound to make mistakes of all sort hun. I do try not to but i also fail at times but that doesnt make me a bad person. Should we know one another and have offended or hurt you somenow, please accept my apology. It wasn't meant that is certain. To 'sin' is human and so is asking for forgiveness and for you to forgive should you feel in your heart to grace who has 'sinned' against you.

    You are always welcome here, not matter who or what has happended UnderlyingSymphony. Not all people are bad on this site and in spite of what has happened, we can work out on getting to know each other and appreciate what each has to offer and one thing i do have is compassion for who suffers and comprension for mankind.

    Open your heart hun and let in who wishes to be your friend and in friendship lets work out on the positive.


    granny x
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