as the man described it…

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    When you first dipped your toe

    into the murky cold waters of evil

    you thought you were in control

    when at first you acted in defiance

    you thought you were being grown up

    when you took what didn’t belong

    to you and to which you had no right

    when the first lie left your lips

    and led to the next lie you didn’t

    realise the damage and confusion

    that deceit causes firstly to yourself and then to others

    You have the knowledge of good and evil

    and deep within you should know

    that you are a slave to that which is evil

    the good you would you do not

    that which you hate that you do…as the man said

    muster all the honesty you can

    and invest it in self discovery

    ask the questions and wait for the answers

    then you might find the way out of the maze

    of despair or the slough of despond

    as the man described it…
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.