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  1. dude2017

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    I have recently come to a stand-still in my life where the only way I can describe it is Asexual. I know I am not gay. But, I have started losing interest in women. Honestly I haven't found a girl I am interested in that has worked out. Any women that show interest in me I am not interested in. So I guess you could say I'm kind of neutral at the moment. I'm not really bummed about being single, and I'm not really motivated to go looking for chicks.
    Anyone else in a similar boat?
  2. 1victor

    1victor Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's time to check your testosterone and estrogen levels.?
  3. kurenai

    kurenai Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with not being sexual, there's no need to check hormone levels or anything. sigh. To me, sexual attraction is pretty boring. I'm good with just hanging out with my friends and not really liking anybody.
  4. Reki

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    Hey, if you're not bothered by it more power to you. Maybe you'll feel like chasing girls later on but if you're fine with the status quo then keep it imo. Like that saying goes: rich is the man content with himself.
  5. sickjk

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    Could be to do with any meds you take?