Ashley's Bottle (Draft)

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    Ashley finds her hope in a bottle
    But it was never there
    She lost it years ago.
    Then she left home with a bottle
    Lonely she found a boy and a bottle
    Hurting and bleeding she escaped and
    Curled up and cried with her bottle.

    Years later, she smiled and lied
    Searching for happiness
    That is never truly there
    There is only the hope she finds in a bottle
    Phone rang and Daddy’s gone
    She smiled and laughed relieved,
    then Ashley cried all night with her bottle

    Years later pounds thinner
    She found a diet in a bottle
    Ashley escapes in a bottle
    Life hazes and hope died
    When each one is dry
    Searching she drives for a bottle
    Life blurs by crying,
    lying curled up...dying with her bottle

    Years later only friends with the bottle
    Lonely Ashley finds a girl and a bottle
    Laughing loving curling together with a bottle
    Yelling promises and lies, never wanting to give up the bottle
    Crying she escaped leaving Ashley alone with her bottle
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.