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Ask a random question and get a random answer

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Urgh im bored! sooooooooo i thought i'd make a game :ohmy: Since i've been told im random thought this game suites me :biggrin:

got this idea forum i go to. Its called "ask a random question and get a random answer" all explained in the title :biggrin:

But i shall explain for those who are mentally incapable of understanding :ohmy: :biggrin:

Basically you ask a random question and then the next person types a completely random answer to the question above and then ask another random question , ¿Comprende? :biggrin: :)ohmy: oh i speak spanish!!)

Heres an example:

Person one: Why does it rain?

Person two: because fire is orange!

Person two: why do flies fly? :ohmy:

And so on...............

I'll start...

Why are bananas yellow? :ohmy:

Let the game commence!! :biggrin:


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Because if they opened inwards when the room is presurized you wudn't be able to get out.

Who would Win
Chuck Norris or Mr T ?
because the leprechauns in my back yard like to taste the rainbow

Why do old people have hair in their ears?
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