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Asking for a bit of support.

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I have been having a lot of digestive system stuff going on. Just found out on Friday I have an ulcer, in addition to the IBS and gallbladder problems. I was told that I should eat only a small amount of white rice and a bit of chicken for a while. Thats because of the IBS as well as the ulcer.

I do not know how I am going to be able to do that. For the past 4 days I have been eating only white rice, chicken miso and watermelon. But I have to cut out the watermelon now. ( as well as the miso)

For the past 3 ( plus) years I have been able to eat very few foods. I just cant bear thinking of living only eating small amount two things. Its just too hard. I have a compulsive food thing. ( even though I am not overweight) But was able to adjust to eating only about 8 foods. But this has taken it over the top. Life is not worth living anyway. But at least I had a bit of food to comfort me. white rice and a bit of boiled chicken will not suffice.

To make matters worse, I had to stop taking the anti anxiety drug, clonazapham. Because its very bad for ulcers. I just do not know how I am going to make it through this. At least I had a 6 foods I used to be able to eat. Anxiety has destroyed my digestive system and my life. The anxiety causes me to produce intense amounts of acid. and it will not stop pumping. for three years. Proton pump inhibitors do nothing to help.

I live totaly alone. No one calls or visits. Life is actually not worth living. Physically ill, all alone, and now cannot eat for any comfort. And the anxiety pills I took for sleep... cant do it anymore. There is no quality of life. Dont know how I am going to get through this time, and the ramining years. Staying alive for what? Thats my retorical question.


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I'm really sorry about the situation you find yourself in. Health problems can seem insurmountable sometime. And when you are depressed already, they can really set you off. I would encourage you to be patient. Eat what you need to and let your ulcers heal. There is a good chance you may be able to go back to eating normally at some point.

Maybe you can find another way to comfort yourself, another way of coping? What do you like to do? Read? Watch movies? Surf the internet? You may be able to find something that you can do to distract yourself when you are feeling really low.

Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Maybe he can suggest another medication for anxiety. I"m sure there are others and maybe you can try sometihgn else. Please don't give up.

Keep posting here for support,its a great place. I will be coming back to this site every day or two and maybe we can talk more.


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Chicken and rice every day - yuk! I can't imagine having to put up with that and keeping going so no wonder you are struggling and feeling low
Can you experiment with a few different herbs to make it taste different or just to be completely off the wall add food colouring to the rice - can you get natural food colouring? I'm not sure but I remember giving my son red mashed potato once when he was little
There are lots of us that are feeling lonely and lost right now and we need to be there for each other
Keep posting and look after yourself xxx
wow :hug: how horrible for you... you need to request to be seen by a dietician... not only is what you are eating totally nutrionally inadequate, its bound to make you feel bad being so limited :hug: see someone who knows what they are doing with food hun - it will probably help :hug:


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Sorry, just saw this and I hope you are doing better today...I know how awful it is to add medical issues on top of everything else...hope the virus has subsided...J


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Wish I had some kind of wise words for you, I know stomach problems can be sheer hell.

I hope you get to feeling better and as sparkle says, maybe get another consult.



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Thank you. I just saw all of these responses. I really appreciate it. I am sort of afraid to eat anything else. Because the pain was so intense when I ate something that should have been fine. Its all because my body hyper produces acid like crazy. Because of stress. So there are very few foods I can eat. Eg: potato is actually acid producing in the body. Yes, Sparkle, it is nutririonally inadequate. And yes, I do need to find a better practitoner. I did switch to someone who is no better.

The good news is that I did some research and found out that one of the things that the naturopath told me to take, in large quantity, is known to cause flair up of IBS. So at least when I stopped taking that product, the IBS pain subsided.

I appreciate all the words of wisdom and support. Thak you again,:hugtackles::hugtackles:
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