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    I am pretty much agoraphobic. I can go out when I have to... to dr appointments, the grocery store or co-op. And if I have to I can go to another store. I can go to someone's house. As long as I know them and feel safe enough there. But it is with difficulty. I also do not stay out long.

    I was desperate to learn how to use my ipad that I got as a birthday gift. But I could not afford the 40 dollars per class that the store that sells apple products charges.

    I found a very affordable class being offered in a senior citizen housing place. I signed up. I have to be very desperate to sign up for a class. Because of the agoraphobia. Wednesday is the first class. I got an email from the instructor named Warner who said in the email "Please come on time. Latecomers are very disruptive and I am not very tolerant with them."

    I am not sure I can go. I am terrified after reading that. The only other time I took a class at this place I had a lot of trouble finding a parking space. The instructor was my friend. Still I was scared. I have trouble with parking. And understanding/following instructions.

    I am terrified now. He sounds intolerent. I may be too scared to take the class now. It meets this Wednesday, the 11th, and next wednesday. I feel bad just backing out. Because the class was closed to more people because it filled up so quickly. I honestly do not know if I can do this. I know that if I go there and cannot find a space I will surely leave rather than showing up late. Thats for sure. I was scared enough before finding out that this guy is likely intolerent. I am the queen of making mistakes and not doing things right. Thanks for reading.
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    I know it's tough, but I hope you find the courage to go. :hug: One suggestion might be to go early... I know it sucks showing up at a place a half hour early and having nothing to do, but that will increase your chances of finding a place to park and being on time.

    Good luck!!!
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    I always show up early hun that way i can get a chair by door so ican leave if i have anxiety attack try to go ok hun and see what happens he may be very kind person just not one that likes interruptions hugs
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    you can do it, flowers

    we are all behind you
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    :arms: I hope you go because it sounds like you want to take this class.

    I think it could work out fine if you leave for class a little early so you can find parking, and then be in class a few minutes early.

    Worrying can upset us. Planning ahead and leaving early can help us meet goals and class times. The instructor hasn't yelled at anyone yet, he just said he'd be annoyed IF people were late. In a sense, I'd much rather be warned to come on time (or early) than unexpectedly find myself in trouble for arriving late.

    Go get 'em! :)
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    Thank you. I REALLY appreciate the support. I did a dry run today and saw where I am supposed to park. I too always arrive very early. But then I sit in the parking lot in my car. Because I do not feel comfortable showing up more than 10minutes early.

    The thing that really had me scared also was when someone says they are not very tolerent, it scares me. Because I do not know if I will have to leave to go to the bathroom. Or what if I feel sick. What if I get something wrong. I know its absurd to think that way. But still, I do. To try to minimize the likelihood of being disruptive, inappropriate or riddled with terror, I will take tylenol, immodium AD (TMI?) and clonapin before I go. 2 hours is a long time for an agoraphobic crazy woman. When I started taking the clairvoyant training classes I cried during the classes I was so scared. I had to drag myself there for the first several months. And that teacher was totally wonderful and kind. If I cry in front or Warner and the senior students, I will be totally horrified.

    Thank you again !!
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  7. MoAnamCara

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    You can do this..... :). But if the day comes and you get there and go in and just don't feel like you can stay, that's ok too. Don't forget, I can help with this subject, too :) and I can drive....
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    As always, thanks Mo !! :hug: :arms: