ASMR! Calming voices & sounds to soothe the soul

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    One of the major things that got me through my roughest period so far was ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos.

    Some of you may already be familiar with the concept, but many people aren't. For those of you who don't know what it is, ASMR is essentially a feeling of tingling in the scalp, shoulders, back, and/or extremities that occurs in some people due to a variety of triggers. Some of the most common triggers include whispering, soft speaking, gentle movements, and sounds like tapping, scratching, or crinkling.

    Some of you reading that description may have just thought "WOW! That's a thing that other people have?! I never knew it had a name! You mean not everyone gets it?!" Others of you are probably thinking "what? That's weird. It's never happened to me." Regardless of whether you actually experience true ASMR, the ASMR videos on YouTube are also just very soothing and calming to listen to, and there's pretty much something for everyone.

    If you'd like to check it out and see if it helps you in any way (or just see if you experience these tingles in the first place), here are the YouTube channels of some ASMR Creators (or "ASMR-tists," as they're often called), who are either really popular or simply my favorites. ;)

    Anything marked with the blue asterisks (***) is a personal favorite of mine! :D

    Lisabelle ASMR***
    Tony Bomboni (ASMRer)***

    I suppose I should note that there are some people who confuse ASMR with something sexual because it seems "weird;" that's not the intent or the basis of ASMR whatsoever. Though there are some ASMR-tists who choose to blur that line, 99.9% of ASMR is, well, perfectly average. So, no, it's not a perversion. Lol.)

    So, that's it! Do you experience ASMR? Has it helped you to relax or feel better when you were depressed? ASMR fans, who are your favorites?
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    Thanks for the info - I'll check it out.