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    Take two pills to relieve the pain
    Still hurts so I take it again
    The label says it’s a pain reliever
    But the pain won’t go away
    Hurts so much I cannot breathe
    There’s a thousand pounds on my heart
    Bruised, broken and bleeding
    It’s nearly suffocating
    Hallucinating of better days gone by
    That now seem like just a dream
    There’s no tears left to cry
    And nothing is as it seems
    My spine tingles with uneasy chills
    Everyone’s quiet but there’s nothing to say
    In the silent stillness I take more pills
    And my world fades to gray
  2. If only Apsirin did the trick... Gawd. Some pain there ain't no cure for, at least, not till it's realized as real pain (and being depressed is a LOT of work seeking sources of aid). I'm sorry for yours. I know it all too well...

    * excellent poem btw
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.