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    I went in to further defer my exam, which I was supposed to write today. I simply wasn't prepared enough, considering I haven't slept more than 6-8 hours since Sunday morning, studying for my other 3 deferred exams which I wrote these past few days. Considering that I'm a breath away from being kick out of the house, never to see any of them again, plotting my death when school starts, and the self harm, it's surprising I managed 3 of them. Early this morning, while everyone was still sleeping, I was frantically trying to retrieve the blade from a razor, to no avail. I managed to find one of my sister's pencil sharpeners, unscrewed the blade off and sliced my arm again.

    I went to the faculty office and told her that I wasn't prepared. She was under the impression that I was too lazy to study. She said she couldn't do anything since it wouldn't reflect the school's values to defer the exam just because I didn't study; I needed a medical reason. I told her I had one. She accused my of lying-first saying I wasn't ready, then asserting I was sick. I'm sorry, but if this was just a really bad flu, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you. But it's not. And I'm not too keen on flaunting all of this stuff in front of a stranger unless I have to. Stupid bitch. If these are the school's values, then I guess she did a fucking stellar job at upholding them by calling me a liar. Just what I needed. This is why I don't talk much anymore.

    I went to the bathroom and silently cried for a good half hour. No one has made me cry in ages and it's surprising that it turns out to be an inane asswipe who lost her soul to her job. I don't even know why I was crying. I feel like cutting again. If only I wasn't so fucking tired. Fucking hell. Now I have to go see that doctor again to beg for a medical note.
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    Sorry to hear your professor didn't believe you were ill. You need to remember though that students will try to pull that to avoid exams and hence the reason they require medical notes. I know it seems unfair, but the actions of a few affect what happens to many. Let us know if you were able to get the medical excuse for the deferrment. I wish you luck. :hug:
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    I dont have anything to say but if it makes you feel any better I was in the same situation, I have sleeping problems / CFS or something like that... I dont gie a shit what actually but I had no sleep and didn't revise going into my exams and used alcohol to keep me steady, I get my results soon and I'm expecting the worst.