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    I seriously hate any form of assuming. Whether its down to my mum assuming I don't think about how I'm affecting her by being the way I am (yeah, what a way to make me feel an inch tall), or whether it's down to people making assumptions that teeth are needed to eat or they'd starve (I have lived without teeth for almost 3 years, no dentures, and I'm not malnourished....).

    What makes this all seem a lot worse, is when I go into chat, if I'm not goofy and helping others, perhaps I need a bit of support or a listening ear. But not that many people seem to want to talk to me because I've been upsetting a few members by being honest, not tip-toeing around issues. There are quite a few who moan and whinge about things they have the power to change, but they'd rather do nothing about it? Why get the same advice on the same stuff from different people and not use it? Why assume that 'woe is me' attitudes are guaranteed to get sympathy?

    Yes I'm ranting, and I'm being blatantly direct. If this offends anyone, maybe take a look at whats going on around with the drama and the crap that can fly about before judging me for voicing an entitled opinion. Not everyone is going to like it, but the harshest truth of all is, primarily, the only one who can live your life, is you. The only one who can choose your actions, is you. The only one who you should focus on, is you (unless you have children in which case they come first and you come second, but that's again, just a personalised opinion of my own.)

    One thing off my mind... For all of a few minutes at least.
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    Vent away, you make some really good points. Here if you ever feel like talking.