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  1. pit

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    & other Breathing Disorders.

    I was born in 1964. Five years later, I developed asthma. Around that time, not many kids had it. Nowadays, a lot of children have it. Carrying an inhaler isn't as freakish as it was back in the 70s; most people have them. And while my early life was definitely impacted by this disease, I feel if I tell anybody about it, it's no big deal because a lot of people suffer from it. Well, please lend your sympathy anyway to the asthmatic.

    Do you think global warming and pollution is the cause of increased breathing disorders? If so, shouldn't the government pay for medication and doctor's appointments?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Actually it is a big thing Alot of people do suffer from it and it can be quite debilitating It is important to see your doctor and make sure your getting right puffers as there are newer ones out there. I hope your breathing is better and yes i do think government should cover these drugs because without them people can and have died from ashma attacks.
  3. lonercarrot

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    Global warming, no. Air pollution, maybe. Although I don't think there has been a significant increase in air pollution from the 60's to today.

    Or maybe it's just that many people who had it were simply just not diagnosed back then and the increase is only due to more people being diagnosed now. So it could be that although there are more diagnosed cases, the amount of people who have asthma might not have gone up that much.

    Also I assume inhaler technology has changed a lot... I know they give inhalers out like candy nowadays. (When my sister was young she “suffered” from asthma but it turned out she really didn’t need an inhaler even though she was given one and told to use it. After a few months the doctors ran more tests and changed their mind and took her off her inhaler)
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