At a stage of giving up

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    I am in such a state at this point in life, I dont know how to make it anymore. Lets just say i never had a great past... my ex bf who did enough to ruin my life still texts me and says shit..even his new gf is doing that now. The girl who was once my best friend, sends hate mails with enough swear words and crap..but wont tell why she broke the friendship. Everybody hates me from my past... i had the worst reputation in school.. there were so many rumours and all those insults! And ofcourse lets not forget to add in the sexual molestation .

    I am in college now..with the hope to start over new. But something went wrong again..people are talking about me looks..laughing at me..pointing...i dont get it. I still couldnt figure out what exactly is going on..dont even have true friends here in college because i have got trust issues. I m freaking out..hope the thing that has been spread is not what I am suspecting. That will kill me.

    The only good thing about my life is my good grades and my loving parents. But all these shitty problems.. i just cant take it anymore. I have tried so hard to move on..but i just cant..not like this. I so want to kill myself right now..but cant make the guts to do it..otherwise i swear i would have. I am so dead hopeless.

    Am i such a bad person?? Why did this happen to me? Why did God choose me to suffer? Ho should i deal with all these shit..all these people? Should i keep replying to all the texts and hate can i ever find out what is being spread of me? Nobody will tell! How can i stop people from having a misconception aboutit ? how can i live a normal life ?
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    Awwwwwww hunni x x x listen cant you block their number,their email address? If its constant then keep a record and a log of all the emails and go to the police because its harrassment.

    You have your parents which is a good thing, try talking to them about things that are bothering you, they might understand hunni, at the very least they will listen and try and support you the best they can.

    Personally i dont think this is gods work as i dont believe in god. I just think that your being bullied by people who should know better and should just go and pick on someone who can defend themselves. Ignore them and just report everything they do, thats all you can do, thats all anyone can do.

    Im sorry your going through this. Were all here for you though if you need to talk.
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    Yah better yet get a hold of the MSN or whatever sight you use and tell them that you are getting hate mail and they will delete these peoples accounts
    Definetly call police and show them all the emails they will track the persons down and charge them Don't take this shit okay do something about it.
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    You have loving parents and good grades so you have much to live for.
    There are some extremely nasty people around. Some of them will be jealous of you.
    Some of those around you are playing dangerous games. These are not people whose opinion matters and you certainly would not want them as friends. Violet is quite right and gives sensible advice.
    Focus on what is really important for you, your goals, interests and family and maybe join some groups that are civilised
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    i'm really sorry for everything that's happened to u. like someone said previously, if your ex keeps it up u need to get the police involved. u shouldnt have to put up with that.

    about school~ dont take this the wrong way, but sometimes when we have experiences like bulling and such, we become hypersensitive and kinda paranoid. there is help for this. like sometimes i think people are staring/whispering about me...but now i remind myself its probably just all in my head.

    it's hard to control rumors and how ppl feel about us. we can only control how we react. u didn't do anything wrong, so don't let these people make u feel guilty about it. u have a lot going for you..ure very smart and you have no idea how blessed u are to have loving parents. i know it's hard but stay positive and don't give up because of these haters. :hug:
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    Agree with those bullies you're better than them..
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    Thanks a lot guys. I really needed this..thank you so much