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at least i know i can't get worse. lol

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ok, here's the thing... my boyfriend is an asshole. i don't trust him. he sends private messages to one of my friends telling her that he likes her and wants to have sex with her, and that he doesn't really like me that much. my boyfriend told me about the messages, saying that he was just testing the girl to see if she was a good friend. i thought he only did it once, but he keeps doing it, and it worries me. and i just recently read the conversation between them and it is really bad. i mean it's so much worse then i thought it would be. it actually made me cry for at least a half an hour. and i NEVER cry. i don't want to beleive that he would cheat on me, but i just can't beleive him when he tells me that he's only testing her, and there's nothing to worry about. i mean deep down, i honestly don't think that he would cheat on me, even though now he is kinda crossing the line i think. i think with him, just the thought of sneaking around and doing something behind my back excites him a little bit, but he wouldn't cheat on me. would he? and there is so much other shit that he pulls, and there are so many problems with him, and he never seems to get any better. he just causes me so much stress all the time. i worry about him so much. there are just so many things wrong with this boy, i can't even go into it. i'm feeling so suffocatted because of him. i'm so confused and i feel so trapped.

i just really don't know what to do any more. if it wasn't for the fact that i loved him so much, and wanted to be with him so badly, and if he didn't seem so perfect for me , i know i would have already dumped him. but i just don't see myself with anyone but him. that's why i can't leave him. i've fallen in love with someone i never should have fallen in love with.

has it ever hurt so much to love someone, that you didn't want to love them anymore?
if you sont trust your boyfriend can there be aything there. can you talk to him OR your friend about these mesages and try to ge to the bottom of the feeligns. no boyfriend would really do that sort of thing AND l;et you go through what your feeling now just to 'tes the girls firendship', its not not ethically right.

then again, if you think he's being honest with you then there IS some trust there..

it hink you have to think about it and think about whether there is a future t0gether, only then are u gunna no what to do.

good luck with it huni xx PM me if u need to chat ok xx


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If he continues to do it even though he knows it causes you pain he's not being a very good boyfriend to you. I agree with red_trail about trying to talk things out with your boyfriend and your friend to find out exactly what's going on.

If he really does get a rise from sneaking around behind your back that sends up a red flag or two for me as well. If he's causing you so much pain you have to ask yourself if working on this relationship is worth it. You love him...but is he as interested in staying together as you are? Does he know how much these things hurt you?

I know it's really hard to see yourself with someone else but things either need to improve with him or maybe you should move on if this relationship causes you so much pain....easier said than done, I know.

But yes...talk to him and make sure he knows how you feel!

:hug: I hope things work out for you.
How are things huni. I hope you ahve found the courage to talk things over or do a little re ,evaluation with things and whatever happens I hope you are, in the end, truly happy...

much love xx
i've thought alot about what i should do. and i've come to realize that he is just a really big flirt and that's never gonna change. but i deep down i know that he would never cheat on me. i know him enough to know he's not like that. i KNOW that he wasn't really testing her. i know for a fact that he likes my friend, but he wouldn't cheat on me... i hope. i think i'll post the messages he wrote, so you can tell me what you think about
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