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at the breaking point

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Hello, this is me again. I feel really really suicidal today. My doctor yesterday proposed me to be hospitalized but I refused since being in the cucko's nest is a horrible experience.
I am lost, in the limit but somehow I feel I have the force to kill myself today. I am totally looost


You are valuable :-)
No dont feel suicidal .. if u do so then i will become extremely sad cuz i am highly empathic

Yes i know how it feels to be hospitalized.You feel like a prisoner trapped in a torture chamber which wont open.

Go out for shopping,call someone(even prank calls), withdraw some cash from atm, have ur fave food ...these small things highly benefits the body as a hole (both mentally + physically)

U can even abuse at ur enemies but just dont take ur own life plz plz plz.

I hope i have been able to put u in the track of life again.U should not feel lost.

Feel free to pm me.I will always listen to u .I promise

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You have to think where is the safest place to be right now In hospital it does not have to be so dark there you can get help support you have nurses and councilor to listen to you to help Go back to your doctor and get admitted for a few days until you get stable keep safe okay
Hello, hope you are feeling better this evening. It seems like you are feeling pretty low and unable to cope, sometimes are emotions can become to much for us to deal with and thoughts that we don't want come up. I am unsure why you don't want to be hospitalized as it is only people trying to support you and help you to become better and make you illness go away. Please DO NOT hurt yourself, I may only be new but I care deeply about you and other members as we all DO matter, has anything else been happening for you? As you also seem quiet triggered, please do keep talking to us and know we are here to support YOU, OK. Take care for now :hug:


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If you go as informal then you can leave if it's not helping. So if it makes things worse you can leave. You have to remember though not to leave because you want to make an attempt but to only leave because it's making you worse. So you would have to trust yourself to be honest with yourself.



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Nobody likes having to be an in patient, but there are times when it is what we need. You need to think about that. Be kind to yourself. :hug:
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