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At the end of my rope

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Since Thursday afternoon, my dad and I have been arguing. A lot. We haven't had a single conversation that hasn't ended in me crying.
I have also been extremely suicidal while it's all going on. Yes I have a plan, and yes I have the means. It's really tempting to go ahead and kill myself. Everytime I manage to distract myself, my dad comes along, says something, and it starts all over again.
I can't keep doing this. I feel like my only option at this point is to take the overdose, and die. There is no reasoning with my dad, I don't even want to try anymore.
I guess I just dont know what to do. Or if there is anything I can do. Help, please?

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ah hun this stuff with parents it will pass hold on okay soon you will be adult and moving out Is there anyway you can stay at a friends place for awhile just to unwind a bit or at a relatives I m sorry all this is happening now but be assured it won't always be this way hun hugs
Unfortunately, I have to live here for four more years until I can move out :c And I don't think I can deal with this another four years.
I might try calling a friend and seeing if I can stay at her house tonight, but I probably have to work tomorrow morning so I'd rather not. And she isn't allowed to have sleepovers during the school week.

Thank you, guys <3
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