at the end of the day.. i'm still alone?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by darkrider, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. darkrider

    darkrider Well-Known Member

    i was considering last night, for all that i'm trying and all that i do, i still find myself alone.

    i've never got into full gear, lived a normal life of a teenager, i'm pretty much a hermit of a 21 y.o. but when i do try and socialise i wonder what will happen? im planning on adding people from a music site and going to gigs. maybe facebook a few people when i get brave.

    the problem is i feel disconnected from everyone and this life itself, i worry i'll never be able to make a really good friend, someone who i can connect with. someone who truely cares about me.. i cant imagine it. i've always wondered alone, metaphoricaly speaking, trying to make it look like im not.

    how does one survive years upon years of lonliness? i'm trying to be brave now because i know theres a person inside, and at 21 i better try, but im living inside a glass house. i just dont understand and there's only so long i can go on.

    i'm lost?
  2. Crue-K

    Crue-K Well-Known Member

    Most 'normal' people can't appreciate the difference between loneliness and being alone and more often than not, just assume they are one in the same. Loneliness has got to be one of the more crippling of emotions we are subjected to throughout our lives and not the easiest to rectify. I personally am not alone, I have lots of people around me most of the time, but inside I am incredibly lonely. I can be at parties or when I go to weatch the football with my friends, I have this dark feeling inside me, lonelinessm this is how I have felt for all my adult life.

    I'm not really one for self help books, however my CPN gave me; Overcoming Loneliness by Marianna Csoti, which is quite helpful.
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    You said you were going to try to add ppl to your anything else new, it takes time and work to be successful...give yourself some time and reward yourself for the effort you are making...everything takes small steps no matter how far the journey...J
  4. darkrider

    darkrider Well-Known Member

    thanks for the comments, and yes, i'm trying. i'll probably relay how i get on in my thread in the depression section.

    i think there is a difference between feeling lonely and feeling alone.

    i've been alone my whole life.
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