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At this moment, what would you rather be doing?


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I would rather go for high-end shopping, which is not possible right now and will not be in two months.

Instead I have 3 homeworks due on Monday <_<
rather being :stars:
there has to be something. God isn't helping me right now. this whole suicide thing is bullshit, how can someone want one thing so much and at the same time not want the same thing just as much


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lighting bags of poop on fire and leaving them on people's doorsteps...
the only people around here are OLD though- I'd feel terribly guilty afterward.


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Mmmm at this moment i rather be out there doing mischievious deeds with Vanessa and companie :D *bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna...


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Right now i'd rather be sleeping! Slept for 4 hours only and woke up. Dammit. I can't seem to have a steady sleep anymore no matter what.


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Memorizing a huge list of English words in preparation for the GRE. I need my dad's help to change the format of the list so I can do it in SuperMemo (otherwise memorizing 4813 words would be brutal)

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