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At this point...

At this point I don't even know what to say anymore. Here goes my father giving me false hopes about getting a therapist, to just throw that all away tell me I just need to stop being sad. I tried to talk to my mom about my mental health once again, but that just led to me getting badmouthed by my whole family. I guess I can say the only thing that is keeping me from killing myself is my dog, and when she dies, then I'll definitely have nothing else to live for and will end it all. :')


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You can talk about your issues here. Is there something specific that is making you feel bad or is it just a general feeling? We care about you here at SF and please feel free to tell us more.
I'm sorry *brohug. That's not fair. Is there maybe a way you can access therapy without your father's resources or permissions, maybe through a school councilor? I'm sorry no-one in your family seems to understand your mental health. Is here something else you can confide in, like a friend or other relative? Stay safe. *brohug
Sorry that you're going through this @MoonlightFirefly

I'm sorry that your parents have not only failed to help but are part of the problem. I'm glad you've at least got your dog though.

There might be a way that you could get therapy even though your parents aren't helping. I could try to make some suggestions if you'd like.

Wishing you good things.

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