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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by atwitsend, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. atwitsend

    atwitsend New Member

    As my nick states. Too chicken to do anything but can't go on anymore
  2. ~Young-Violet~

    ~Young-Violet~ Banned Member

    Hey Atwitsend,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so low, did something trigger you?
    This website has some info about suicide and this list of things to think about;
    1) Can you really say that life is going to be this terrible forever? NO! You can't decide at 16 that life isn't worth living. You can't decide at 60 that life isn't worth living. Life is what you make of it, don't just give up. Never give up.

    2) Think of the people you'll leave behind. No, not the people who 'hate' you and 'want you dead', but the people who actually GIVE a ****. Think of the people who tried every day to make you happy, think how **** they'll feel. Oh, you won't be able to care, you'll be too DEAD to notice. Why would you WANT to inflict the sense of guilt and failure on anybody...Isn't that part of what drove you to ending it anyway?

    3) Life will get better Always. Bad things happen to everyone, some people deal at the time, others let it build up and then have a merry nervous breakdown. But even when you're at the bottom of that spiralling heap of c**p, you can get back up. It is a noted fact that the most turbulent time of any person's life is the adolescent years between 12-20. And how old are the majority of people on this site?

    4) Why do you want to die? Seriously, why? Is it a cry for help? Then go to your doctor or write someone you trust and want help from a letter explaining how you feel. You don't have to tell anyone you cut or burn and hate yourself if you don't want to.
    Is it to get back at the people who hurt you? You can't get revenge on anyone from the grave. It is far more satisfying and positive to take revenge in some other way.
    Do you want to see them crying from the afterlife so you get the satisfaction of knowing too late that someone gave a damn? First, consider your religious beliefs. In ye olde days it was believed that those who killed themselves could not go to heaven and they were not allowed to be buried on holy ground (a secondary point, you could be put to death for attempted suicide in the early 1800s...). So, whereas you may feel that to make them love you, you have to die, how are you going to know they love you? Do you think you'll go to heaven, will you simply rot in the ground, do you believe in reincarnation? If there is any kind of afterlife you can watch those you tried to hurt, mourn then you are still going to be a concious being. Isn't that what you're trying to avoid?
    Is it because you can't cope with the pain anymore? Then go to the doctor and get yourself something to HELP. No, meds aren't for everyone, neither is counselling, but depression is medical it's not something that can easily be controlled from within. Seeking medical help does not make you weak, when you are on the verge of death because you don't feel you can cope. Doctor's will not always look at you strangely. Psychiatrists, CPNs, counsellors and psychologists see people just like you every week. You are not an anomaly.

    5) Is it worth it? I mean, imagine if it doesn't work and you have to cope with everyone asking if you're OK for the next 5 years. Or your parents hiding up all the tablets and razors in the house, so you can't even get some medication for a HEADACHE. Then there's suicide counselling, lasting scars, the possibility of long term liver/kidney damage. The possiblity of brain damage. Did you know you can take a lot of paracetemol with no effect and then can drop into a vegat*tive state with no warning? Many people I have known (myself included) who have attempted, or started to kill themselves have regretted it deeply afterwards
  3. SomeoneElse

    SomeoneElse Well-Known Member

    Funny hearing that all the time. It's not always true.
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