athletic pain and the fallout from family members

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  1. alfordr2

    alfordr2 New Member

    Over the last 5 years I have had 7 surgeries on my knees shoulders and hand and face. Now during this time I was accused of being addicted to pain medcine which was not true i only took what i was prescribed and never bought anyone off the street and and fmaily and friends just say that he always seem to be hurt. I always hear oh god here we go again hes hurt again. No one my injuries had been small ones like a sprained wrist or ankle they have been serious and have to have surgery to correct. Now I know giving up sports would be a easy out but sports are my life and they are my and they are my only realease in life. I am tured of the scrutiny I know have what I believe to be a torn rotator cuff(waiting on the MRI results) which will require surgery and I just dont know If i can deal with the scrutiny and firestorm when I tell my parents and family. All I can think about is suicide it will save everyone alot of grief myself included I just cant take the people accusing me of going after pain medicine and everything else wwhen I have serious injuries, I am scard and do not know what to do. Suicide would just end this for everyone and everyone could live their lives wondering if I got hurt and what i did this time. I am just lost
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    Hi alford and welcome to the forum...
    I really feel for you ...I too have always been "sick/injured" not through sports though and know how upsetting it is when people roll their eyes and say here we go again..
    anyone would think we like being in pain with injuries..NOT!!

    If you can- try to ignore their ignorant have tests to show you are injured and surgery isn't just done on a's serious...

    please don't take your life over this....maybe explain that you need their support and not their negative comments...
    good luck with the MRI results..
  3. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Sports injuries are often very serious things...
    I don't know how many guys I've known who ruined their bodies before they were even able to go pro; but it's alot.
    These injuries are delicate things and take time to heal. You have to start taking care of yourself-- or this life of doing sports will be over much sooner than you'd like it to be.
    Please just be good to yourself.

    Your family just care about you, I'm sure.
    It might be hard to believe when they're being all sarcastic and acting like a bunch of insensitive morons but there would be much more pain and hurt for them if you were to kill yourself.

    Have you ever lost someone close to you?
    Think of that pain - times 100 for your parents over the loss of you.

    Everyone on this forum has struggles with the same dilemma. It seems like the easy way out but it never is.
    Please keep sharing your story with us, okay? We're here to listen.
    If there's no one else you can tell, you can tell us.
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