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  1. Ire

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    Potentially triggering!

    Great plundered of hearts
    Destroyer of souls
    Innocents grasps
    Stolen away by your awful,
    Clenching hands

    Give me your sorrows
    Your awful deeds
    Ravage me with your worst
    Your rape and murder
    Ridicule and torment

    Give me your evils
    The unkind of heart
    And uncaring of souls
    Give me the worst
    You have to offer

    I would rather bear it
    And a thousand times more
    Than let these innocents suffer
    Under the undying ravages
    Of your ill hand

    Kill me,
    And would I bear it happily
    To know that not one more soul
    Should go tortured unbidden
    Kill me,
    In due of all other evil ends
    Kill me,
    Rather than torture
    The countless innocents

    Make me your atlas
    So that I may at last
    Shrug you
    Into the hell from which
    You spawned.
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  2. Lead Savior

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    Enjoyed this, great writing
  3. Petal

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    Great poem, thanks for sharing :hug:
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