Atleast I know what to do

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    I'm useless, disposable... but they use me and I'm tired, too tired... of everything. Why me, why? No one should feel this way.... mentally ill is what they call this frame of mind. Far Beyond Driven over the edge of normality, of sanity, I cling to the darkness that's become my own. The only thing holding me back is/are these things:
    1. Music
    2. Entertainment(comedy, horror)
    3. Knowledge

    Because people who are insane yet do not know/believe it do the most damage. Holding me back? From what? It's my mind... my mental state. It's not fair... but my entire life has been cruel & unusual torturously so.....
    I HATE within.... I can't let it win, can't let it drive me....... because Someone Will Die. An army of phsycotic drug-feinds exists within me.... and I have the power to make it reality.... because humans are weak,controlable,manipulative/useable & especially stupid. Stupid enough to be do wrong(for the right reason), & to believe that wrong is right. When the time is right, if I can't change through seeking mental help.... if I can't get mental help someone will die. It'll be me.