Attached and heart broken

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    So my on and off boyfriend for six months has completely lost feelings for me.
    Yesterday I saw him fir the first time in a week. I stayed the night with him and did stuff..
    He likes to use me and I'm stupid to let him.
    But the next day as he took me home he told me he was talking to someone else now and I cried to him for about thirty minutes to the point where it made him cry.
    Then new years eve I got too drunk and went to his party. I made a fool of myself and even stayed with him again.
    In the morning he told me things like
    Why are you here I broke up with you
    Yet he still has more sex with me and screwed with my head more.
    I love him so much
    He's the only thing that has made me truly happy.
    And I'm losing all my friends because of this too
    What's wrong with me
    I have cried for hours and days straight and I feel hopeless
    And now I'll probably never see him again..
    I just want to be happy.
  2. total eclipse

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    You can be happy hun lose the user ok He is not worth you crying over him He used your vulnerability and he is a creep

    You hun deserve to be loved ok and to be cared for and not used hugs
  3. Ralderable

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    William Gibson once said - Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by *******. I personaly think that one should never forget such a simple truth.

    There is nothing worse than a relationship such as the one you are describing. What are you doing hun? He does not deserve your love, or even desire it at this point, he's going to leave you with a wound you won't be able to repair. Love is not a one way street, and no matter how deeply you care for this person, he doesn't deserve it.

    Now I am going to say something I never liked hearing, from anyone... I still don't because it just sound so idiotic, but somehow its true. You should love yourself more Delsensi... Because its obvious that you do not love yourself enough, else you wouldn't allow him to treat you this way. People always ask themselves, why do we fall in love with the wrong person constantly? Its because we accept the love we think we deserve, but if you would simply understand that you are worth more than this, then you wouldn't allow yourself to go along with such a situation, and you shouldn't!

    Once again, he doesn't deserve you. You are setting yourself up for hurt, for no good reason. I can understand you currently hold dear those feelings of affection you have for this person but you have to do the right thing now, and just walk away, learn how to let go and find yourself someone who appreciates you as you deserve. You will never find happiness otherwise.