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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Rachael1, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Rachael1

    Rachael1 Account Closed

    Had my first appointment with my GP today, he wasnt very understanding at all and seemed to be having a go at me more than trying to help me. I diddnt want to go anyway, i was bullied into going by the welfare officer at uni. He's made me feel even worse and he's put me on medication, which i said i never wanted to do. I feel like im being attacked from all angles. ive got the welfare people at uni, my course manager, my GP and now hes refferred me to the phyciatric people as well. Everyday next week ive got an appointment to see someone. I cant cope with all of this, i want to find a dark corner and hide from the world. Everyone is pressuring me to talk but they dont understand, i cant. Ive been harming myself a lot more frequently since i was forced into seeing the mental help team at hospital. I just wish they would all leave me alone.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    If you are open with them and cooperate with the care they offer you to help YOU heal they will hun but they cannot leave you alone when you are in distress that would not be right h ugs
  3. Rachael1

    Rachael1 Account Closed

    Thanks, beleive me id love to tell them everything, but i just cant. and the pressure is killing me. today i got the impression the doctor wanted to lock me up, and i only told him a little bit :(
  4. VikKalmbach

    VikKalmbach Active Member

    How are you doing Rachael? You can reply in a private message if you prefer to do it that way but I'd love to hear how you are doing with this.
  5. Rachael1

    Rachael1 Account Closed

    Hi, im ok i guess. My welfare officer at uni called my mother to tell her about the self harming and overdosing. I was in hospital at the time so i couldnt do anything about it and i wanted to kill myself right then and there. When i got home last night, we had a long chat about it and it was very uncomfortable. We dont have a good relationship anyway and she cant understand me at all but she said she wants to help me. She wont let me be alone anymore and its driving me crazy, thats all i to be left alone. The atmosphere is terrible but at least now i dont have to hide myself from her and i dont have to cover everything up 24/7. The doctors are still on my back and i got a good telling off this afternoon because i pulled the dressings off my arm, because they were annoying me all night last night. Im off uni now for 2 weeks over christmas and its going to be tough to get through it but im going to try.
  6. Oceans

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    just like to add, with the right support it does get easier to talk. Being threatened that you'll be locked up doesn't help a person to open up about what's happening.

    I"m glad that you trying to get through, you can do it.

    keep talking to us if you need to
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