Attempted, attempt, attempts

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  1. Kaos General

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    Ok can an attempt really be called a suicide attempt or just a cry for help? If someone wanted to they could find a way to that works permanently. But when someone claims to have attempted 5+ times can you really claim its a suicide attempt? Am i just so stupid that i just dont get it?
  2. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    That makes two of us Wayne, and yeah i know why you are saying this.
    I will go for a cry for help, at least thats what i want to believe, perhaps attention too, i dunno.
    We have to accept that we don't know the truth and give on it dude.
    I have NEVER attempted and boy am i glad i didn't, otherwise my kids would be without their father doubt about that.
  3. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Im not saying its wrong, it just confuses me. People ask for help in a multitude of ways, i just think claiming something is a suicide attempt when it isnt kinda defeats the object of trying to get help. I dont think its for attention, though i know some people do do that, on here and on other sites as well
  4. blondeellen

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    a couple of attempts probably are serious attempts but some people might just be lucky/unlucky and survive every time because something unexpected happens. like someone finds them etc
  5. Axiom

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    Yeah.. there's rational attempts and irrational attempts. Ever had those moments when everything keeps coming and everytime it comes it creates it's own world and disconnects you from other rational thoughts so you're left in a highly saturated(high emotional state) with limited rational factors. So everything is overloaded, and some people "attempt" to kill themselves.
    They really mean it as far as they feel and think in those moments, atleast to a certain degree.

    Tbh, i never talk about those feelings. Ive never really attempted I think, not that I remember anymore.. but i've sat on that edge where i know id do it. You'd really have to ask those people what they mean by attempts because it will be different, and they might call an attempt standing on the edge of a building and going to jump, but stopping. Or they might call an attemp trying to OD but surviving. You can attempt and have it actually happen, but be intervended by outside forces(people, evnironemental, ect..)

    Depends.. on the person, and what they mean by attempts. I don't think it's something many people broadcast though tbh.. kind of a really dark thing to touch with
  6. MLKane

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    I've attempted twice to OD, but misjudged the dose and survived. Simple as that, no cry for help, nothing. I'm not sure about whether it counts when you go to attempt in a more final way, get partway and then pussy out. Is that an attempt? I mean, I covered it up so I wouldn't be discovered, but I'm not sure if I'd call it an attempt.
  7. IV2010

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    I've never attempted because I know my method will work first time
    I have however had a trial run and almost died 'trialing' but no-one knows about it until now :)

    I know with some illnesses that 'attempting' is a 'symptom'

    I think a lot of people think ODing is a sure fire method when it's not ......
    so they keep trying and keep failing

    good point Wayne!