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Attempted on Friday Night

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I took a large concoction of things. I thought what I had would be enough for me not to wake up. All I did was sleep for 15 hours solid and was drowsy the most of yesterday and I have managed to sleep it off.

I want to be strong for my Benny, I want to help him, I want to marry hun. But I am so weak and so powerless.

I have some things in the cupboard I could try next. I was always afraid to use them, but now I am not afraid anymore.

I have taken overdoses in the past and I was always very nervous and scared when taking them, but I was surprised about how cool and calm I was. Maybe it's my time to go.


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You are so strong dealing with everything that life is throwing at you at the moment. You are such a positive and caring person, and sometimes I don't think you realise this.

Just remember, if you ever need to chat you know where to find me... I'm here for you and will try and help as much as I can!

Be strong my little chicken.

Love you lots. :hug: :wub:


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please butterfly please don't do it this way I tried this way on monday cause I wanted freedom all it bought me was IV plugs in my arms vomiting blood and waisting a bunch of doctors and nurses time please it hurts you die from the liver failure you spend weeks even months suffering with it and it hurts like hell please don't.


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*HUG you can get through this honey you can i know it feels like you cant but you will get through it together and we are all here to support you xxx
oi! you! :hugtackles: don't you go there hun... wait.... time heals... friends help you heal.... you will learn with new ways of coping with what is going on ... it doesn't feel like that at the moment... but adapting to circumstances is never easy and coping mechanisms have to be changed and found... just know there are people who will help you and care here
Drop me a PM Lexi, I'm happy to be a venting-board or whatever you need. But you are far too loved and far too special to give up.

You can and will get through this.

My MSN is just a PM away too.

Much love - thinking of you,

ali 56

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please do not take anything else you cannot see the damage it does - I too take OD's and I know it is no good I spent a night in A&E just 3 weeks ago and haven't learnt - not only do you suffer physical pain but the pain you feel inside is real too and it hurts like hell, you may feel calm but there becomes a time when you cannot deal with it any more - please stay strong I know there is so much going on in your life at the moment - big hug eh
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