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Attempters - what have you learned?


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I have not attempted. But those who have attempted suicide there are two ways of thinking. Those who desperately wanted to die but survived are repentant. It's a fact that most who survive suicide will attempt again till they succeed. And then there are those who consider themselves fortunate that they did not die. Reasons are many- hurting their loved ones, finding solutions to their problems, finding a motive to live.
Pebble mouse what were the reasons for your attempts.
More desperation than depression. My first was after a friendship broke down, which I simply couldn't cope with. The second when I was stuck in a bad situation regarding my housing. I was living with my father & stemum. She was very psychologically abusive & I was in between social housing at the time. I have really bad BPD (borderline). Things are much better now, overall. I did have an admission last year, but that was for the first time in several years.


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Back in my angst filled early teen years, I did attempt, several times, sort of. In hindsight, not really, not at all. But at the time I thought that I was. What did I learn? Suicide is super depressing, it sucks, and it's not fun. Never looked back. Not really.


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I learned how devastated my friends and family would be. It absolutely blew everything apart and I'm not sure they'll ever totally recover from the trauma of it (and that's without even succeeding). I learned that I could (and did) end up with a permanent physical reminder of it. I learned that the repercussions of it can end careers, friendships and even marriages.

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