Attempting to give a fuck

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  1. Petal

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    Attempting to give a fuck what others think. I want to go shopping and have fun, I have no one to go with, I will make my own fun,I really am done with caring about what others think. I am going to go alone, don't care if I look like a freak. I do not care. I have no connection with anyone because I am ''crazy''. Oh well, as the title says, I really do not care any longer, I will do what I want when I want and I won't dare let anyone bring me down, no-one. As much as I love everyone around me I feel like an outcast because well, I am, but I am not going to leave that haunt me anymore. I don't deserve to be ''punished'' I have not done wrong to anyone in my entire life literally, not going to start now.

    I'm fat -check
    I'm a loner- check
    I do not care any more -check
    Others opinions are none of my business -check
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  2. na-taya

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    I love you. I wish I had more words for you right now my friend. I'm sorry I don't. Please know I'm always here xxx
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  3. smackh2o

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    Balls to what they think. Just pretend they're all paper cut outs for your own amusement and go and have fun!
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  4. Petal

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    Thank you so much, I went shopping. Had a laugh with the guys playing guitars and singing on the street, they told me some jokes in return haha. Bought a lovely coat in the second hand store, delighted with that buy and some other bits and pieces. I feel good, thank you both for your kind messages :) love yas too <3
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  5. Wiltingone

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    Illegitimate non carborundum

    Don't let the bastards get you down - very loose semi-Latin translation.

    Good for you!

    Right now PTSD is taking up way too much rent free space in my head. It sucks
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  6. Frances M

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    That's great Petal. I personally stopped caring what anyone thought about me years ago and it's so freeing. I'm a loner, I'm certainly no super model, I wear rain boots and sweats...I don't care! What matters is what's on the inside, me, Nature and the family that I love and take care of :)
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  7. Brian777

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    Hey Lynne, keep being yourself, cause yourself has a good and gentle heart and we love you for you.
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