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    I'm so sick of ignorant tw**s running around thinking they know everything, thinking that them voicing their emotional bull**** is actually worth anything. They all feed off of each other like parasites, getting all the attention they can.

    I have talked to and met people that are actually depressed. But recently there seems this weird fad has developed, it is suddenly 'cool' to be depressed because people realize they can get attention/sympathy for it and get let off for behaving like morons. Well I have a point I wish to say: everyone has their own issues. The world does not revolve around you.

    People out there that whinge for attention, making up these false statements about yourselves just to get attention. These people need a smack round the head. This whole cutting thing becoming a fad, what the Hell? What's better, is they then pretend to be one of the cutters that aren't following a fad.

    I've also noticed that suddenly if you're feeling sad for a couple of weeks you count as suffering from depression. That is not depression. That is feeling blue or upset, but given the right advice a person can quickily recover. Depression is when even after months and years the symptoms do not go.

    There are people out there who have real issues and have real problems in their lives. But they get ignored because some self-centered tw**s want to preoccupy everyone's thoughts with their fake pain.

    Depression isn't on the increase, immaturity is.

    To those of you who suffer from major depression/suicidal thoughts/mental illness: you are brave people and I hope things work out for you in the end. Unfortunately society isn't well equipped for helping you, but never give up. Because if you keep trying, you will eventually receive the support you need.

    To those of you that pretend to have these problems: go find something actually constructive/worthwhile to do with your time.

    You see, I do not have to tell people whether they are faking depression or not, they already know for themselves.

    If I offended anyone, apologies.

    Last thing I wanted to say. I thought in my life with the amount I help people all the time that my existance would be taken notice of. I haven't phoned my Father for a year for example, and he hasn't even noticed.

    I'm the kind of person who would go away forever, and even if people did notice I were gone they wouldn't care. If let's say right now I left this forum and killed myself, I garuntee I would not be noticed. The people that would be noticed are those that constantly vocalize their emotions in other people's threads, sometimes even manipulating topics so it turns round to them and their needs instead of helping the person who created the thread.
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    I fully agree with everything you said.
  3. Ziggy

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    So give them the right advice rather than calling them ignorant tw**s.
  4. Scum

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    surely if people are doing all these things to crave attention that is a problem in itself? and it needs addressing?

    People craving attention are clearly hurting inside for whatever reason, and they themselves need help to deal with their pain.

    Sure, it's a different type of pain from those who suffer mental health problems, but it pain nonetheless.
  5. I agree with jawa; it is annoying when some normally very hyper/preppy girl starts walking around the school wearing completely black and with cuts on her hands.

    Funny thing is, the cuts are usually just from playing with their animal's; then they tell people that the cuts are from knives, etc.

    But I also agree with scum. No matter what type of pain your feeling, it's still pain. Unless someone is truly faking their depression, I don't think it's right to judge their pain or experience in past painful experiences.

    I, for one, have felt real tragedies/pain such as close friends/family members dieing, very abusive boyfriends, violence and illegal drugs in my own home from my mother and her boyfriend; I'm already used to that pain. But others who may of not had tradgedies as bad as these happen may have had lesser tradgedies that hurt them just as much because they are not used to being hurt; and those are the people I truly feel sorry for.

    Being used to pain isn't good, mind you, but just beggining to feel the pain you know will never end is much worse than already being used to it. It's the pain from the very begginining that turns you suicidal, or depressed.
  6. ~PinkElephants~

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    Upon reading this I first started to agree with you. I agree about some people doing it simply for attention b/c they crave. I think that is a sickness in itself. People saying and doing things just for attention b/c tehy feel unloved, to me that's a cry for help. Sometimes you feel like it's a bit over doing it, and I agree that I want to tell them to get over it but thats not helping them and like ziggy said calling them ignorant t**ts isn't helping them either. It's just making them probably cry out for more attention.

    I have also talked to depressed people, my aunt is bipolar, my other aunt is schizophrenic, I have been depressed/suicidal since I was 15. I don't see a weird fad going around where it's cool to be depressed. Frankly I don't want to be depressed and I don't want to be suicidal, if I could be mary sunshine constantly i would love that, but realistically that might never happen. I don't think by you sitting here calling people who want attention morons or any other names will help the situation stop or even mildly hinder it. I think it will just make it worse. By you calilng them morons, you are in turn giving them attention also. If it bothers you so greatly, ignore them, tell them you can't give them the help they wan't and move on. Trust me it's really not that hard, Ive been doing it lately.

    Also, when the fuck did cutting become a fad?? Did I miss something because clearly if someone is cutting they are in pain and need help? I don't think that's a fad for someone to desecrate their body, i think thats screwed up to even think someone's doing that for attention. I have scars on my chest and arms, I didnt do it for attention, i did it bc i was on emotional overload and couldn't find a healthier way to cope, am I following a fad?? Instead of judging someone or presuming they are doing it just b/c they want attention, either take the time to ask them what's wrong or move on ...again. You seem to want to take a lot of time badgering andputting down other people when clearly you should be worrying about you.

    The only thing I get sick of lately is the increasing amount of people who are saying "I am going to kill myself now" and the next day they pop online or back in your life as if nothing ever happened. That's where I get annoyed b/c there are people with real problems that are getting ignored. I'm not saying the people that keep saying I'm going to die now don't have problems, what I'm saying is how many times are they going to say that before no one believes them anymore. Sadly, i don't believe half of them anymore..and at what cost is it to that person. As for the immaturity as of late, I agree with you their, it seems that life is being overrun with immaturity, granted i have been immature lately but with due reason.

    Sorry my response was so long sometimes i get into a thread and it's like god i need to reply to this and it turns out to be like an hour reply. Take care.

  7. Sa Palomera

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    i agree with Kells
  8. ~CazzaAngel~

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    You all have good points.
  9. When you go outside or to school or wherever, you are surrounded by people. Some may look tired, others stressed, others happy-go-lucky, etc. So say you're in a very depressed mood and so you go for a walk and see two friends smiling and chatting to each other, laughing and being merry while your standing there so obviously depressed and alone. No one here can deny that they don't feel even slightly angery or jealous that people can be so happy when you are so sad.


    Those happy people you see around you may not be so happy. Those 2 friends you saw may go home to find their parents have been murdered; or one may be abused by a parent later on. It is not right to judge people by their daily expressions; everyone has hidden feelings, no matter how they act.

    When I go to school every morning, I am smiling and happy and always trying to cheer people up. But inside, I am seriously wishing for death. I have tried several suicides using poison, overdoses, etc.

    Because I know that I have hidden pains and depressions, it makes me try even harder to be nice to others, because you never know what some person may be going through.
  10. Jawa

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    I don't call them anything, this thread is a rant (hence why it is in this part of the forums) I just ignore them and they continue to do it anyway.

    I do ignore them, they continue to behave that way anyway because they feed off of each other. They don't get their attention from me, they get it off fellow attention seekers.

    I've had experiences of people at my old Secondary School. For exampel some girls coming up to me, showing me scratches on their arms and telling me how emo they are and how much they like to cut themselves. I told them I didn't want to know and just wanted to eat my lunch, but they continued to badger me. They told me they did it because their friends did it and got to see a psychiatrist which was awesome to them. They went on to talk about some cousin of theirs that was schizophrenic and that he nailed someone to a door or somewhat. Keep in mind that I'd never spoken to these girls before and they were telling me all this. They treated the subject of mental illness/cutting/etc. like gossip.

    Besides, you live in 'some little state in the US' so fads over there aren't neccessarily going to be the same as in England are they?

    Reason is not an excuse. It is a source of education on prevention of bad behavior. So there is no justification for if you have acted immature lately.
  11. Ruby

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    I agree about people talking about self harm/mental illness/suicide like gossip. People use the term depression too much. Depression is a whole lot more than feeling a little unhappy or fed up. I also hate the way that people show off tiny little stratches on their arm and start addressing themselves as 'cutters'. It's disgusting and even sad that people use something like self harm as a fucking fashion statement. It's not cool, it's an illness and people should respect that. :mad:
  12. Spearmint

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    Exactly. That pisses me off to no end. :mad:
  13. blade

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    agrre with u ruby. full stop the END.
    ive got of those kind of ppl in my class i hate them.
  14. Fatman1966

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    Lets get real here folks.

    I'm a living fosil compared to most of you @ 40 years of age.

    Now I don't want to opset anyone, but a lot of the posting here are just teenage angst, during those years, emontions run very high and even the milk man not turning up can be a huge event, when you have nothing to put of your cerial in the morning !!!!

    Most of you, 90% will simpley grow out of it, but thats the problem, there is that 10%, who will carry on struggling with "issues" well into adulthood, or to be quite brutal about it, just won't make it that far.

    So why put up with the 90% that may be are milking it a little, because there is a chance, just a chance, that someone can help the other 10%, the 10% that for now can see no way to help themselves, the 10% that might not make it through the summer rain, the 10% thats have truely lost their way.

    The trouble is there is no way to telling, so I always try to be helpfull and supportive in all my posts, if I can be, if I cant, then I dont post, its that simple.

    why ?

    Because despite all my best efforts, I turned out to be in that 10% group, and in my teenage years, no one on earth would ever have seen that coming.

    Least of all me !!!!!!!!

    Take care
    Have fun
    Be safe

  15. Fluffy

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    I agre with a large amount of what you have said. However there was just one thing I felt needed saying. Yes it can be very annoying, and yes there is undeniably that end of the spectrum that can be nothing other than attention seeking. However - (and let me clarify that I am not a teenager) - the term 'teen angst' does irritate me sometimes when it is used as a blanket label to become synonymous with 'your pain is good enough / my pain is worse'. Everyone's pain / hurt in their lives is relative. Just because someone has felt more pain than someone else, that does not cancel out the person with the lesser pain's hurt. if that makes sense. I think it is very easy to look back years later and see some of the more typical things that cause teenagers pain as 'not real problems' or not comparable to the kind of hurt / pain that CAN happen, but it does not mean that to that individual, their circumstances / experiences are not hurtful. And we have no right to sit and judge that. I'm not saying that anyone does judge it directly (as on, to someone's face) but I just think that sometimes we forget what it was to be that age. Problems that in retrospect seem trivial, were once huge to us as well. I don't disagree that there sometimes very much an element of 'novelty' about depression / distress sometimes, but I think no-one has any right to talk about what is and isn't 'real' pain. I think every one of us would feel awful if someone else passed value judgement on the experiences and circumstances in our lives, that led us to be in need of a place like this site, were not 'real pain'. I don't mean to be massively defensive or anything like that and I'm sorry if it came across that way - and as I say I do agree to an extent with a lot of what people have said. but I just thought we would be wise sometimes to remember the words of a very wise person, Albus Dumbledore, who said something along the lines of "Age is guilty if it forgets what it was to be young".
  16. Jawa

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    Maybe I'm reading these two statements wrong. Could you please clarify on what you are saying?
  17. Fatman1966

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    A lot of the folks that post on here are younger people, issues that seem huge to them are just a part of growing up, something that everone in the world goes through, they just use this place to vent there frustrations and fears, about them selves, about there lives, about there problems.

    At that age all emotions are magnified, so what in later life seems like a small issue, hurts as much as a really big issue in later life, "they" are simple less able to cope with it, due to their youth.

    90% of these people will simply grow out of it, what ever "it" may be, as they become more able to cope with the ups and downs, that life tends to send there way.

    Then there is the other 10%

    Like me.

    The issues that plague these younger people, tend to never really go away, or their issues seem so huge, that they are simple overcome, by the pressure that this brings, on someone that is least able to deal with it, so these people either "fall by the wayside" or carry on into later life, still struggling to cope with their original issues, on top of all the other issue, that the natural ageing process tends to add to everyones life.

    The problem here is that there is no real way to tell the difference between these two groups, those that are just growing up and those that are in real trouble.

    The proof ?

    He's writing this post, way back when, I was head boy material, captain of the rugby team, star of local theatre productions, all the good stuff, hell even some of the teachers where envious of me !

    So why in 1999, did I come very very close to calling it a day.

    Because issue that I had thought were sorted back in my teen years, never really went away and I nearly paid the price for that age 34, so these are the peolpe that need real help.

    Which one of the people that post on here is that though ???

    I can't tell the difference.

    Can you ??

    ( ok, the grammer isn't great, not bad for a dislexic though, jesss, get a life, hehehehehe)
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  18. Fatman1966

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    Yet for all my "age", for all my "wisdom", here I am, so many years later, still struggling, still needing a helping hand every now and then.

    Am I attention seeking ? sometimes yes, no doubt.

    But neither you nor I have the right judge.

    We are not that clever, not that wise, not that perfect.

    All we can do is offer that helping hand, in the hope that one day, when we need it, that helping hand is there for us.

    ( Sorry it turned into a bit of a lecture, rant, what ever you want to call it, like my siggy says, I'm older, but definately not wiser, if I really did know any thing about any thing, why would I be here ? )

    Take care
    Have fun
    Be safe

  19. Jawa

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    Yes, when I'm willing to put in the effort. Usually I'm too tired and stick to arguing/debating with people on the internet. In life outside the internet I devote a fraction of my time to it, psychology interests me so I like to read people and learn from those observations.