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Attention W.h.o**E!Shout it Out LOUD!

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Like living trees it can only be too perfect on the outside, but inside, raw, killing disaster

Help is far, far away and you might die. Life can only gets better(but also worth). That is NOT your fault, EVER! Folks are cruel! Makes another too weak to not even be able to breathe in the shit.

Attention is Not bad, its bout humanity, nature and family.

I mean if I tells my psychiatrist, or anyone that I am going to kill myself, they say, quote; "oh, I am really sorry about that, shall we increase dose of your medicine" (!!!!), I said I wanted to talk with someone and only I gets is pills.
I have lost EVERYTHING! I am dead, DEAD SERIOUS!(no censur please, Just helping....)

What do you say? Tell me your story?
I would look for help somewhere else, or tell them can I atlest talk about it. I can hear how angry and frustrated you are by this, but please hold on :hug: Reach out here, drop me a PM if you wish to talk.



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there is help out there hun...its just finding it. psychiatrists generally just dole out meds...i dont get why but they do...i have seen 3 diff ones and they never wanted to listen...just give meds. dunno wot your diagnosis is maybe you can get a referral to a psychologist...they will listen to you and cant prescribe meds...dont let the psychiatrists put you off...they just push meds which seems weird..as may as well just see normal gp.

you will find many here that can relate and support you, go back to your doc and see if you can get referred to psychologist and in the mean time..phone your crisis line. take care:cheekkiss
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