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attention *****???

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i hate feeling like an attention *****. i dont think i am, but i have been called one and it made me think pretty hard. so i pretty much stopped talking, stopped caring if anyone noticed me and now everytime i try to talk to someone and they dont hear me or are too busy to listen, i feel like im not important enough and that if i say anything else ill just be an attention ***** so i just sit back and shut up and hardly ever say anything, when i do talk its not about me. i feel so selfish for wanting to talk about me for any amount of time. i just feel like all i want is attention when really all i want is a conversation, someone to talk to, about anything whether its about me or not. i just want to talk to somebody, anybody. but i cant seem to talk about myself for fear of being an attention seeker.

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I understand that feelilng i tend to not talk about me at all but i do want you to know if you need to talk go ahead okay you can pm me or others and we will listen i will listen hugs to you


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i posted another thread, that is entirely about me. i had no intention of it, but im getting to the point where im afraid that everyday is going to be the day that i just cant handle it anymore.

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I've seen attention *****s and they aren't afraid to talk about themselves non stop. You don't sound attention starved, but just lonely. Find someone to talk to that'll listen. I think it'll help alot.

I kinda know how you feel. I was a narcissist in denial for along time. I could never talk about myself.
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