ATTN. ADMIN: possible trolls alert

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Admin, I'm getting random messages in private chat from 2 folks I've never spoken to, who have none of their own forum posts written, and say nothing in particular about my story. I don't know why they are messaging me. Both "members" also have the generic profile auto-image.

Anonymous support is fine but these people seem to be hoping for a reaction before "figuring me out" and then possibly trolling me.

I can't be certain. But please come take a look at who is online, and contributions by recent members who may actually be seeking to add to someone else's suicidal pain.

POSTED: 6:50PM Saturday PST.


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Update: I may have spoken too soon. I've been given more information from the messager.

Folks, PLEASE introduce yourself with the very first private message you send someone. It can be really uncomfortable getting a simple greeting and no other information right away, because trolls do that too.

Especially since I just posted about hating talking to people. So it makes me feel upset thinking that a private message response to me, after I say that, is literally to request me to interact with a person I know nothing about or why they are messaging me.

I'm having a really, really hard time. So I hope I don't hurt any feelings if my "private messagers" see this request to the admins for help. Maybe they truly want to be kind friends.

But again, folks! : PLEASE ensure your private messages to another person won't make them have to figure out exactly who you are and if you may be gearing up to say something mean, because you've cornered them privately.

When in doubt, send a message to a person in the general chat room, or as a post to their wall.

**I know this might come across as way too touchy a suggestion, but it is CRITICAL you are certain you won't upset or scare another person BEFORE you message them with so little to say that THEY have to figure out why you contacted them when their brain is already exhausted.**

P.S. The only way I can get online is my mobile phone right now, so be aware I CANNOT turn off chat messages. Otherwise I would.

Remember, we are all hurting here. Try not to scare people if you take it upon yourself to reach out!


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I would suggest yoy write a letter to admin. Its under the All about SF section. That way you can include the names of the other users.


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I have also seen and rec'd some strange messages from someone who seems to be an imposter. Thanx for alerting admin. I will do the same going forward.


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If you do get any messages you are concerned about, please do as Kate suggested and write an LTA so that admin can check it out - and include the user names of the person/people concerning you.

Please also try to remember that a lot of people who come to this forum do so because they are painfully lonely and lack social skills or any understanding of how to reach out for human contact. For a lot of people just saying hello like that takes a great deal of courage and need. If it makes you uncomfortable it is okay to tell the person that, but please consider that it is very likely another human reaching out for someone to talk to because they need to. They perhaps are not very 'good' at it, but the very very vast majority of people here are well intentioned.

@CandleLight if you don't want chat to be turned on at the moment please drop me a message - I can turn it off for you for a while and turn it back on again if/when you do feel ready to talk. If it is only some people you wish not to talk to, I can't do anything to help that, but please know that it is perfectly acceptable to simply not answer unsolicited messages. I know it can feel rude but it isn't - your own mental wellbeing must be your own first priority *hugs*
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