Aughhh! Food-my destroyer

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    Augh! I have let food destroy me. I have lived to eat. Not eaten to live. For years I would joke that my three main food groups were pizza, pepsi and salt. And it really wasn't a joke. I have been fat all my life. And learned to hate myself because of it. I never learned to unhate myself, or to control my eating. Now my digestive system is a mess. IBS, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and my colon is even out of place because of surgical adhesions. A change in eating patterns could help. But do I change them. NO! I keep stuffing and stuffing and stuffing my face with everything that is bad for me. And rarely ever eating anything healthy. And I pay the price. Pain! Potty problems! Fat! Hating myself for it, but continuing to do it. It reminds me of my mom. She smoked herself to death. And once diagnosed with lung cancer smoked even more. My dad figured she was trying to hurry her death. I guess you could say I am doing the same. Only with food. How do you stop destroying yourself? I really hate the pain I am inflicting on myself, but can't seem to stop.

    Thank you for reading my rant.
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    Nooo don't. Old fat guys remind me of my father. This must be how it is with my father trying to convince me not to kill myself. I can't help it I just want to die and go to heaven.
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    I comfort eat (happily not fast food), but the result is the same....FAT!
    Try to find foods you do like in the more "healthy" range, at least that will help the problems a bad diet is causing.
    Okay you may never be Twiggy, but at least going to the loo won't be a torture.