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    One of my friends have been bugging me to get my aura taken. He's super spiritual and kind of other worldly. Eccentric to the core and just ancient. I didn't like the idea of having my emotions and views put on display for other people to analyze, But I finally gave in and decided to get my aura taken. I didn't like my results.

    Auras are still something I don't quite understand. They have to do with your chakra points and how well you have everything in balance. When taken they can see which ones you are using more. Which ones need more attention. Your aura is constantly changing so when you take a picture of it, the aura is taken at the moment of what you are putting out into the universe.


    This is the color of my aura. I believe it is the root chakra located below the naval or was it located around the genitals? It is vibrating with anger and echoing with compassion. It is the in between color of both. Since you can not see my face, it means that I am blinded by my rage and it consumes the choices I make. Since I am engulfed in red, it means, emotionally that I am prone to depression, anger, and anxiety it is the side effects of feeling too much passion or anger. Physically I am healthy, I enjoy what the physical plane has to offer and I can be enduglent. But I can also become disconnected from my body, prone to cramps etc. Mentally I am a pessimist with a one track mind who can obtain whatever I set my mind to. I'm analytical and rational to the core. When people have their auras taken they usually have multiple colors coursing there them that explodes into each other but mine is just this dingy red angry color.

    Feel free to post your auras. These aura pictures are usually really beautiful with multiple colors.
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    I didn't like my results because it was accurate. I am angry. All I have left is anger, but i am trying to change my aura. I don't know how but I'm trying. Going to take another on in a couple of months or so.