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    I wish autumn was an immortal season
    For all the inside questions burning eternally
    That limited place gives me a clear mind and priceless reason

    A cold, unforgiving night
    Complete with a sense of bonding and peace
    Thought flourishes in this lack of light

    Dried leaves crackle underfoot, like death relenting
    A comforting sound repeating endlessly
    Finally, mind and body are one with everything

    I walk down streets with broken lights
    Cherishing my derelict status
    That constant chill reminding a sterile heart what is right

    It all begins here, in this void of rotten paint strokes
    Apparent Synchronicity falling like grace inebriated
    This precious night nothing more than a burrowed cloak

    I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be stone melting under pressure
    I’ve forgotten the chill of revelation
    I’ve forgotten this necessary, peaceful fissure

    In ages to come, let this season of life’s price be glorified
    Autumn, heaven for one man,
    Becomes my mental insecticide ​
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