Autumn's Death Grip

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  1. Jess

    Jess Guest

    Hey all, I wrote this while I was away.. but I thought I'd share just for laughs :laugh: Enjoy :smile:

    Autumns Death Grip

    You went your way
    and I went mine
    Until we were to meet again someday
    At some far off time

    Never given the chance to see
    The beautiful sight of what could be
    Things never seemed to fall in our favor
    Good times have past, those we savor
    Those memories will always be
    The heart and sole of what makes me, me

    Autumn’s death grip on my heart
    Things seemed so broken from the start
    I stare up into the dark night sky
    Dream of times that I felt alive
    When I could breathe
    Convince myself you never were the best for me

    Broken down upon the floor
    Hoping and praying for so much more
    Asking God to bring you back
    Fallen down upon my knees
    Head in hands, I ask you please
    Sit alone, I beg and plead
    Thoughts race in and I cry
    Wishing for a moment that I might die
    And be with you for just one day
    Some how, some way
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.