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Avatar requests/ideas

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I am really bored and I want something to do. I want to make more avatars for my site but I'm lacking ideas. Do you have any ideas? Any themes/colours/images/quotes I could use? Do you want an avatar made for you?

If you have any ideas, please let me know I welcome all suggestions!
Ok I'm stuck on words for this icon. It's about waxing, obviously. Hehe. It can't be a long statement, a few words, or just one word. I think it would look better with some text on there what do you think?

I'm lacking brains today. :(

Lost Disciple

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How about an avie of someone curled in a fetal position in the middle of a thunderstorm. Text saying "For every storm there is a rainbow" on top and "Too bad I'm still stuck in the rain..." on the bottom. It was one I was going to try to make but... I kinda suck at artsy stuff...:dry:


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I wouldn't put any text on it, but that's just my opinion. I'd probably go with tiny text to fill up the space if you really want to put something on, or maybe "beauty from pain" if you can find a way to put it on (maybe by making the "from" smaller than the rest?).

Hope that helps some ^_^

Oh, and if you need some more ideas, feel free to take a look at my icon journal to get some ideas (but please don't just steal the icons, it'd make me a sad panda)

Sa Palomera

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If you're ever bored again, maybe you could make some Missy Higgins, Regina Spektor or Riverside avatars, with parts of their lyrics in it or whatever. :smile:
Thank you rainsoakedangel, I have put the text on the icon but haven't overwritten the other one just in case:

I also checked out your icons and they are great. And don't worry, I wouldn't steal any. :)

Lost disciple & Ester I will work on them, thanks for your suggestions. :)
Ester - I saw that someone on Livejournal - damned if I can remember who though - is making a whole set of Regina Spektor icons with lyrics on them :) I'll have a look again and see if I can find that if you want, I'm sure they're on one of the icon communities I belong to :)

And Res - I think it looks great just the way it is :)
I've done the stuck in the rain one, hope it's ok:

Stupid me forgot the rain:

I also missed out the word "still" and I haven't got the .PSD file to edit it. I don't think it's a problem, but if it is I could put it on there.
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Thanks rainsoakedangel. :) :hug:

Ester I don't know any Miss Higgy/Regina Spektor/Riverside lyrics and instead of me searching through all the lyrics if you know any that would be good for icons please let me know. :)

FoReVeR LoSt

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i don't know, i want something original and that can explain how i'm feeling, like that um....something that says keep holding on with like a wrist with cuts on it? is that too much? or too upsetting if it is im sorry
I won't do one with cuts if that's ok, it could be triggering, if you want anything else lemme know but I will work on the 'keep holding on' idea tomorrow. I am too tired tonight. :( I will do some Girl Interrupted icons too. :)
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