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avatars??? Why did you pick yours

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I like cats and I like the idea of the cat petting the duck - The Peaceable Kingdom.:smile: I have one old photograph of my pet mouse Hamlet sleeping right next to one of our cats. ....you don't have to wait for the Second Coming for the lion to lie down with the lamb... in my house the cat lies down with the mouse, and the beagle lies down with the rabbit.:smile:



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Well, a thread about this has already been created, how about deleting this? By the way, is there any chance I can become a moderator? Thank you.
its a cat; i love cats.
it says: you've been working hard all day.... and life is unfair.
but thid kitty loves you. and thats all that matters.

cause cats love unconditionally once you show them respect. which you should do unconditionally for them, as they are a living thing.
my glow in the dark buddha, because i have a terrible habit of relating to inanimate objects. and cmon, who better to try to relate to than buddha, the most etherealy happy person whos ever lived lol

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i know i posted to this before but that was a different avatar.
i switch mine sometimes.

this is how i feel whenever im getting pressured to do something.
all these words, sayings, phrases, flood my mind..
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