Aversion to life

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  1. losthope

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    Lately, I've been suffering from anxiety because it has been difficult to get the materials I need for my planned methods, and today when I've found that my main method that I've kept for many years needs an ‘update’ to keep it reliable but now it's impossible to get it due to law changes, triggered all kind of hateful thoughts in me about life and others to a level that I've never reached before.
    I don't appreciate life in any of its aspects except when I'm alone in nature and there I'm able to forget the past and the worries of the future without wishes, but those moments are ephemeral compared to the amounts of unhappiness and insecurity.
    I honestly can't see any future for myself, when I think about life, my mind becomes perturbed and heavy, but when I think about ending it, I feel immense relief.
  2. total eclipse

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    spend your energy on getting help on getting the materials you need to get better to survive okay start healing today quit waisting your energy and time on negative things.
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    me too! the only time i can ever feel even remotely ok is when im alone in nature with no one around and i dont have to worry about anything or anyone... if only those moments could be all the time