Awaiting death.

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  1. Just a poem i wrote now..

    This forum means the world to me,
    more so than anyone can dream,
    the pain people go through,
    i go through too,
    you may ask who?
    but deep down inside of you,
    you all feel it,
    the want and need,
    we all plead,
    a mess,
    smashing like a crane,
    we fight side by side,
    fighting together,
    whatever the weather,
    we will get through this,
    day by day,
    not slipping away,
    and so here i lay,
    typing this here and now,
    wondering how,
    why am i still remaining here?
    no one would even listen if i screamed in there ear,
    shredding tears,
    lost and hurt,
    soil and dirt,
    sins everywhere,
    they sit and glare,
    fixed on my eyes,
    they can see them,
    the lies,
    they seem to arise,
    but soon they shall die,
    this life has been tortured and mistaken,
    i am waiting,
    death soon shall call my soul,
    body and heart,
    i will dig a hole,
    awaiting the time,
    this life will no longer be mine,
    but in the hands of those amoung us,
    and thus,
    they shall judge where i go,
    even so,
    many shall cheer,
    others will hear,
    joining those near,
    no fear,
    feelings disappear,
    still and cold,
    rotting like mold,
    wrinkling like the old,
    dead and afraid,
    soon to erase this life that was made,
    as i come to end this poem this morning,
    this is not a warning,
    death will meet me someday,
    and i shall pay,
    that day seems so long away,
    so i await at bay,
    that day may not seem so long for you who reads this,
    im sure none of you shall miss,
    anything about me,
    so i will soon leave,
    that day for my death is not long,
    suiciding is not wrong,
    you may think differently,
    but i guess ill wait and see,
    loving you all,
    stand tall,
    dont give up,
    i know its tough,
    but hold on,
    the door to happiness im sure wont be long.


    Wrote between 08:00 - 08:14.
    Date: 15 August, 2006.

    God bless all who read this.
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Not open for further replies.