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No not religious, enlightened version of it, just awake like in not sleeping.Worrying too much about my problems or just having Insomnia, i don't know, never was a good sleeper.Sometimes i can't even sleep while i'm feeling tired as hell.
Was doing fine for a about 2 weeks but almost didn't sleep at all for the last 3 days. Zombification kicks in and i barely get up in time for work, washing a bit, jumping in my clothes and hurrying to work without food, still did fine at work, just very tired. When i get home it's like i'm too tired to go sporting or anything. So the thing i need to feel myself a bit better, to get my mind of my problems was hard to do again.
After 3 days like this again i just was feeling worse again. Managed to drag myself out of the house a few hours after i got home from work and drained myself at the gym(i knew if i didn't i'd slip into a very bad mood again in a few days, i just gotta do sports regularly to keep my mind at peace).
People say it's not good to put so much effort into sport when you're really tired, but it helps me to keep a grip on myself.

So i'm Completely exhausted right now but fine :)

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glad exercise seems to keep you out of the pits of depression i know walking always helps me as well I hope you can get proper sleep though hugs
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