Awakening Death

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  1. Truth is hidden,
    and pain unbidden
    my whole reality
    Sacred beliefs,
    once a blessing to me
    have left
    like the
    middle of winter’s onset.
    Slowly cold
    with nothing left to unfold,
    a time of resting – no!
    But a time of more testing
    when already besieged
    by so many bitter years.
    I no longer have room for even tears
    for I am so beset with fears
    that eat me alive
    I was not made for this world
    I once thought I saw its beauty
    and the wonder of life
    but for all my study to understand
    there is too much to demand
    from one who’s died
    too many times
    and not been given the grace
    of rebirth in latter times of need ~
    I just continue to bleed

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.