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    I have recently moved to a small village in the highlands of scoltand which is shit because im really bad at making friends and getting to know people. so anyway, ive been working at this shop for a couple months now and its been really hard to talk to everyone there thats my own age but they have gotten used to me now i think. The other day i was going out for a cigarette and i meet this girl that works at the place too. We talk for a bit and then she asks i want to go to the pub for some drinks on sunday so i say alright. Now im completely shitting it, i dont think she fancies me or anythin cause i think shes got a boyfriend but i still dont want to fuck things up and completely destroy the chance of having a social life here. All that goes through my head right now is images of me fucking up and making it awkuard. Also i live quite far out so i have to get my dad to give ma lift into town, do you think thats a bit too much to just go out for an hour to have some drinks at a bar. hmm maybe if i get pissed really quickly it will go easier
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    just relax and enjoy it :)
    you'll be fine once ur there chattin and stuff

    just dont get too drunk that you make a fool out of yourself lol
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