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aww nuts..

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My stomach hurts.. try to sleep.. feel sick to my stomach and end up sitting up the whole night. or occasionally I cry so damn much I pass out from exhaustion.. this can't be healthy...

Headaches are a new familiarity.. either from crying or just not sleeping.. or even just randomly.

I don't eat. I forget to? or when I actually feel hungry. well.. my stomach is growling because hey, I haven't eaten anything yet today.. I think about even eating and all I can feel is like throwing up :sad:

I've looked at web sites.. learned in school.. text book symptoms of depression.. headaches, changed sleeping habits (either sleeping too much or too little) stomach aches, changed eeating habits... all of it. is it all in my heaad? I wonder if I create half of this mess for myself....

my family.. it's never been normal. I don't know what it's like to have a happy family.. or a loving one. and it's getting even more screwed up and it's hurting me to see what little form of a family we'd built being torn to shreds...

I'm trying to find some way, some how, to get myself better. to get help. but the closer I get to doing something. the more fucked things get.. I couldn't add to the frustration, confusion, anger, sadness.. all the issues...



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Jess thats all the symptoms of depression. Don't think for one minute its all in your head. See a doc.
I know it's the symptoms.. classic enough. All the web sites and what not say it. But I wonder if maybe I'm creating some of it myself.... :unsure: I dunno.. I'm trying to find a reason why Id ont' have to go here.. because I can't. I just can't :cry:
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the hugs and everything. I know what I need to do unfortunately :sad: it's just a matter of doing it.....

hugs back :hug: :hug: :hug:
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