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  1. houseofcards

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    Here's an attempt at writing my about life.. one haiku at a time!

    can become manageable -
    let me show you how.

    Let's try counselling.
    medicines maybe, perhaps?
    let's just do them both.

    Listening to them;
    take what they say as warning,
    then validate it.

    When looking at them;
    know that they are not real.
    then they cease to be.

    Delusional thoughts;
    your mind is going wild -
    grasp reality.

    Insomnia wars;
    perhaps one more drink of tea?
    sleeping is stupid.

    take deep, big, and soothing breaths.
    let go of what's tense.

    Racing racing thoughts;
    write it down, let it be seen.
    genius can be made.

    (all of those are what
    they consider coping tips.
    more like common sense.)

    If all else fails;
    become me and just give up.
    I don't see a point.

    Medicines don't work,
    people don't understand me,
    I can't comprehend.

    What once was easy,
    now is just impossible,
    can't even do work.

    Schoolwork and the training;
    they both are called incomplete.
    Catch up? ha. never.

    I still see him there -
    under that stupid, dumb, tree.
    He will never leave.

    Slowly going back,
    to the very beginning,
    how I used to act.

    All of the progress,
    MONTHS to get me to this point,
    nonexistant. gone.

    Vanished. Just like me.
    off of the face of this earth.
    forgotten. no more.
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  3. Julia-C

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    House Of Cards, I enjoyed reading these very much. My favorite was the 5th from the top. I want to point out something. These aren't Haikus, they are Senryus. For it to be a Haiku, it has to involve nature, or an act of nature.
    For example:

    waiting in the rain
    tears masked by many droplets
    pain hidden once more

    This is a Haiku and a Senryu. The act of nature (rain) makes it a Haiku. Senryus portray an act of HUMAN NATURE. Both of them follow the same basic for m of 5,7,5 or 3,5,3 syllable count. Which tend to cause the two styles to get confused with each other. Again I enjoyed reading them. :)
  4. houseofcards

    houseofcards Well-Known Member

    thanks for pointing that out, I never knew the difference! All of this is still relatively new to me. Glad you enjoyed reading it - I was super bored last night and couldn't get to sleep/
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